Thinking,to give us the philosophy art which is reason and romnce, exploration and practical,instant and etemity presence and resonance. Thinking of all the content from the vast deep. The birth of each piece of art will spark a new joumey. Deep thinking from the dramatic ups and and downs which simple and complex conflict from soul-stiming of every step. KOTO Furniture design philosophy is inspired by this conflict, contradictions and conflicts elegantly balanced to achieve harmony and unity of the higher level,then the true meaning of perfection, is “Wealth +Wisdom” in origin . Continue to challenge higher goals,the pursuit of perfection, and never compromise. Just KOTO Furniture repairer process beyond the limits of realization of the “simplicity and luxury.” “dynamic and comfort ,” and coordination of integration. The quality of life will be truly perfect demonstrated.
三人位 2010*1040*860
单位   1010*1040*860